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Optometry Wins was established in 2017 at COA business meeting to act as a new legislative readiness fund.

Optometry Wins was established in 2017 at COA business meeting to act as a new legislative readiness fund. The fund will support the heavy legislative lifts that COA will need to pass and defend legislation affecting optometry, including the impending 2022 sunset of Colorado's Optometry practice act. Taking on consumer protection and insurance reform that surfaced as priorities from the recent COA member legislative survey will require far more resources than currently available. 

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or you can send a check with the Optometry Wins Contribution Form completed to: Colorado Optometric Association, 730 17th Street, Suite 350, Denver, CO 80202 (with "Optometry Wins" in the memo line)

A special thank you to all COA members who donated to Optometry Wins!

 Thank you to those who have donated to Optometry Wins in 2020!

Hall of Fame All-Star:
Sean Claflin Sean Claflin Deanna Alexander Jacquie Bowen Brian Abert
Carrie Burleson
Tara DeRose Matt Buchanan Michael Bollenbacher Warren DeHaan
Craig Eckroth Teresa Carlson Tom Cruse Jacki DeHayes-Rice
Becky Haley Michelle Chaney Donna Ellinger Rheda Gerlock
Paul Heersink Jean DeMoss Daniel Giovagnoli Darren Jones
Zoey Loomis Lisa Hamilton Heather Gitchell Emma Lundien
  Steve Loomis Natalie Hansen Angela Haas Leilani Phillips-Borstad
  Benjamin Marske George Hertnky Alisha Harris Lindsay Sallecchia
  Walter Morton Kelley Jackson Condon Scott Haugen Lori Sanger
  Jon Pederson Bob McQuaid Josh Heersink Natalie Santelli
Robert Prouty Ron Mearsha Seth Huber Jeffrey Tidswell
  Diane Reddin Shay Murphy Andrew Kamenski H. Lindsay Wright
Jeri Schneebeck Rachel Potter Steven Koning
  Melissa Tada Pearl Shin Nathan Lohmeyer  
Kent Yount George Mamalis
Jason Ortman
  Danny Sanchez  
  Roger Trudell  
  Betty Zhang  



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