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Kids Welcome Here

Both the Colorado Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association have recognized pediatric patients as an underserved population and have made pediatric vision care a top priority. As primary eye care providers, it is important to embrace the concept of taking care of all of our patients' needs, from birth to adulthood.

To that end, the COA is proud to provide you with Kids Welcome Here® brochures for use in your office. We suggest you keep a supply of the brochures in your examining rooms to hand out to your patients with children. Additional materials can be ordered from the COA office at no charge.

The Children's Vision 1-3-5® materials have been designed for you to use to educate your current patients who have children, informing them of the need to have a comprehensive eye exam before age 1, at age 3 and at age 5 before entering school in accordance with the AOA's frequency guidelines. They provide visuals for you and your staff to discuss pediatric vision care with your patients. Our ultimate hope is that all phases of Kids Welcome Here® will result in a more informed public regarding children's vision and the difference between screening with a Snellen chart and a comprehensive eye exam.

Your association truly believes that your strong support of the Kids Welcome Here® campaign will increase the number of Colorado children examined, and ultimately provide those children with the vision they need to succeed in school and life in general.

Click here to email the COA to request additional brochures. Be sure to include the number of additional copies you will need.

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