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Continued Care for Our Visually Impaired Patients

Continued Care for Our Visually Impaired Patients

The Problem:

There are an estimated 150,000 people living in Colorado with vision not correctable to 20/20. Macular Degeneration affects one out of three people seventy-five years of age and older. The number of people dealing with permanent vision loss is expected to double by the year 2050 and the latest medical advances to treat ARMD are able to stabilize vision, not improve it.

Many eye care providers do not provide low vision services in their practices. In addition, many providers do not know who to refer their visually impaired patients to for low vision care. As a result, a great number of visually impaired patients do not receive the vision rehabilitation services they need to lead satisfying, productive lives.

The Solution:

The Continued Care for the Visually Impaired Patient (CCVIP) Program strives to develop referral based low vision services through "willing and able" optometric offices. Sponsored by the COA's Low Vision Committee, the program's goals are to establish a referral network among optometrists and other vision rehabilitation providers (i.e. Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Administration, School Districts).

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