Vision Care

 Protecting Your Eyes from the Solar Eclipse

Dubbed "The Great American Eclipse", this eclipse is noteworthy for its cross-country path of totality that will be visible from most American households. This solar eclipse will envelope the nation for two to three hours and 500 million across Northern America will see at least a partial eclipse.

What dangers are there for your eyes when viewing the eclipse?

The main eye health concern regarding direct sun exposure is "eclipse blindness" or retinal burns caused by high-intensity visible light. This exposure causes damage to the light-sensitive rods and cones of our retina, known as solar retinopathy. This damage may result in temporary or permanent vision loss and often takes hours, not seconds, to appear or manifest.

How can you safely view the eclipse?

To prevent injury, all observers are advised to wear eye protection in the form of approved eclipse glasses that meet occupational eye and face protection standards (ANSI Z81.1/ISO 12312-2). These types of "eclipse glasses" have a thin layer of chromium or aluminum deposited on the surface that protect our eye from harmful infrared and visible light rays. Sunglasses (Rx or not; polarized or not) and smoked glass do not contain these layers and as such are NEVER safe for direct viewing of the sun.

If you would like a pair of eclipse glasses, please email us your full name and address to We are giving away pairs to the public while supplies last. One pair per household. Must be a Colorado resident. No phone requests please.

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For more information, please view this fact sheet on the eclipse: